Монгол орчуулгатай.

1.Davichi-To angel

2.Shinee-LOve pain

3.T-ara-We were in love

4.Sunny Hill-The Grasshoper

5.Orange caramel-Magic girl

6.Nine Muses-News

[Single] Nine Muses - NEWS


8.Nine muses-Figaro

9.Snsd-Visual dreams

10.Teen top-Crazy

11.Snsd-The boys

12.Beast and A pink-Skinny baby

13.Teen top-Girlfriend


15.Big bang-Haru Haru

16.Snsd-Way to go

17.G.NA-Because you’re my boy

18.Yongseo-Banmal song

19.T-ara-Cry Cry

20.Eunhae-Oppa Oppa

21.T-ara-Lovey dovey(zombie)

22.Super junior-Sorry Sorry

23.A pink-My My


25.IU-Lost child

26.Snsd-You aholic

27.5Dolls-Like this or that

28.4minute-Mirror Mirror


30.2Ne1-Im the best


32.MissA-Good bye baby

33.Sistar-So Cool

34.MissA-Bad girl Good girl

35.T-ara-I go crazy because of you

36.T-ara – Why Are You Being Like This


38.4Minute-Volume up

39.Nine muses -Ticket


41.2Pm-100 days anniversity

42.2Pm-Im your man

43.Chaos-Last night

44.Yoseob, Eunji-Love day

45.Beast-Mystery special


47.Exo K-Mama

48.Snsd-Time machine

49.Snsd-Bad girl

50.Jessica & Onew-One year later

51.EXO M – History

52.Big bang-Virus mini drama

53.Junho-Sad love

54.Love love bakery-Big bang & Snsd



57.Big bang-Fantastic Baby


59.My name-Message



62.Snsd-Chocolate love

63.T-ara-Say goodbye

64.Snsd-Beautiful girls

65.Rainbow-To me

66.Seohyun-It’s okay even if it hurts

67.Gayoon&Yoseob-What i want do once i have a lover

68.Huh gak- The greatest love

69.Lee hyori-Chitty chitty bang bang

70.Dream high 2-We are B

71.Snsd-Born to be a lady

72.Eden-New dreaming

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